Friday, January 1, 2010


Welcome in 2010! Hope y’all are ready for another awesome movie-going year.

Here’s one major change I want to apply to „Last Seat on the Right” this year: a star-system (not unlike the one used by Roger Ebert) will be used to evaluate each reviewed film. The system goes as follows:


***1/2 [VERY GOOD]

*** [GOOD]

**1/2 [AVERAGE]

** [WEAK]

*1/2 [BAD]


I hope you’ll keep visiting. Meanwhile, let’s listen to a Harry Connick Jr. version of “Hey There” from Richard Adler and Jerry Ross’ 1954 show, The Pajama Game. There’s only one reference to stars (at 0:26-0:29: „You with the stars in your eyes…”), but what the heck.

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